Growing into the perfect you

How to grow to become the perfect version of yourself you always wanted to be. Is this possible and how can it be done sooner rather than later?


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Growing into the perfect you

Growth Of A Child

As children we were growing together with our friends.

This growth was obvious to notice in the physical realm, but much of it was psychological growth.

We played around, experimented and discovered the world in a safe and fun environment.

We were eager to discover new things about the environment as well as about ourselves.

At a certain point, children started becoming adults.

They now needed to act according to different rules of life.

Rules that often end the friendship process and move towards a ‘transactional’ relationships.

Grow Up Now


Adults are not ‘finished’ human beings.

They keep growing until they die.

Whether they know it or not.

Often they are more eager to experience growth than children are.

Adult growth seems like quite a neglected aspect in modern society.

We often talk about feeling calmer, enjoying life more and so on.

Discussion about growth and true development isn't present most of the time.

There are quick tips and tricks all over the place.

This is not true growth.

They are mind hacks that do not offer sustainable solutions for 98% of the society who reads them.

Get A New Mindset

Towards True Adult Growth

How about we all start admitting to ourselves that we are quite immature?

There is nothing wrong with being child-like.

Children are perfect.

They instinctively know how to position themselves in many situations.

They are instinctively wise too.

I've learnt some of the most profound life lessons from my 10 year old son.

Immaturity isn't a preferred character trait.

It means we act substandard to what our potential is.

It's a sign of not realising our potential.

It's cheating ourselves of true opportunity life presents to us.

Get True Growth

How To Grow As An Adult

Children had the 'golden ticket' to explore the world and try out new things.

They weren't usually judged for what they did or how they acted.

They also didn't know how the world works at large.

As adults we have huge set of options to discover the world.

In a systematic way.

In a deep and holistic way.

We can choose to work on ourselves through a total strategic approach.

The way we would work on a professional project in a major corporation.

It's our greatest opportunity in our lives.

It's our duty to do it.

Ulock Your Growth

Three Developmental Axes To Explore

For us to walk into our true potential and start designing the life we love, we follow the three axes of development.

They are: waking up, growing up and clearing up.

Clearing is the most important one of these.


Because we are awake to great extent by our very nature.

As children we were awake when we were born.

During the so called 'growth' process to adulthood we got sold a load of nonsense.

Cultural nonsense which is no longer part of the culture.

Remnants of the past.

Past coutries, past folklore, past rules, roles and all sorts of nonsense.

They are often things which those who passed them to us didn't believe in.

They passed it on because they didn't know what else to pass on other than a load of nonsense too.

How Do I Grow?

Start With Clearing Up

The baggage you carry with yourself is tripping you up.

It's causing you to do things you don't want to do.

All the bad habits are the result of the baggage you picked up along the way.

Heavy drinking to impress the workmates?

Load of nonsense.

Doing what other people expect you to do.

Another load of nonsense.

By letting go of your psychological baggage you open up the true road towards self development.

You create the perfect platform upon which you can grow the true self you want to be.

Only you can do this and you need someone else to 'catalyse' you into that state.


Because we want results now, fast, thorough.

We don't want to wait and struggle for years on end.

And you can have a clean, fresh state of mind within around 30 days.

It's called Fresh Mind and we can help you get there very soon.

Start now.

It's all you always have.

Clean Up Now

Published on: 04 Sep 2017

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