FOMO on yourself

As we roam around, observing the 'external reality' in fear of missing out on the cool stuff, the main thing we are missing out on is ... ourselves.


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FOMO on yourself


Fear of missing out.

The only thing one can miss out on for sure is themselves.

Right now, you might be missing out on yourself.

The beauty of the current moment, in silence, is immense!

In fact, it is the most magical thing ever.

I'm learning to shut up and enjoy that silence.

Expressing myself through Being who I am.

Doing loads of cool, tangible things.

Having the peace of mind and lots of other 'goodies' which manifest.

Manifestation has almost nothing to do with physically speaking things into existence.

It has to do with mental level of asking our super-self for what we want.

No need to open our mouths.

Be the thing you want to be.

Doing and Having will follow in the most natural, magical, magnificent and purposeful way unimaginable.

This is the ultimate key of life.

To Be who we want to be, we need to let go of the notion of pleasing others.

Other people are us anyway.

So it is about making sure that we are congruent with our wants.

Once we start manifesting it all in our Being the rest of the process is inevitable.

It happens as if by magic.

Because it is magic.

In its truest form.

The incredible power of existence to create something out of nothing.

The whole existence is that way.

No reason why it cannot continue to be that way.

In fact, it is the ultimate, universal law of existence.

I don't exist.

I am.

Published on: 10 Jul 2017

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