Why a life purpose is crucial for success

For those people striving towards great success in life, this is the most important aspect to get a grasp on.


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Why a life purpose is crucial for success

After 35 years I've come to one very important conclusion in life.

Having a life purpose is essential to my personal success.

There are many reasons why this is so.

Life without a purpose

I spent many years of my life pondering on the question of: 'What should I do in life?'.

Since a very young age, I showed interest in various realms of life.

Music, science, technology, business, sports, history, etc.

So I spent many years of my life working on becoming the best in one of those areas.

But, if I did lots of music, I soon felt like science was not getting enough attention.

If I did lots of science and music, I would be missing out on sports.

This was a constant source of frustration for me for decades.

I couldn't get the right balance of focus to do everything I wanted to do.

Find Your Purpose

In search of the meaning

After lots and lots of deep introspective work, I realised that there is no point of existence.

Universe is pointless.

The utlimate realisation is that nothing is at the core of existence.

Nothing is ... everything.

This disheartening realisation can lead one to feel ... well ... pointless.

But within this madness of everything, there is a higher realisation.

It is down to us to define what the purpose of our life is.

Find The Meaning

Define your own purpose

So we can then introspect further to discover our own purpose.

We can work out that everything we know is a useful skill, a useful insight.

We can synthesise it into a greater creation that has higher order of existence value to it.

In fact, this is how the Universe itself works.

It compounds things into more and more complex creations.

We can decide what it is that we want to do in life and that turns into our life purpose.

Define Your Purpose

How success happens

Once we have determined our life purpose, we can start pointing all our enery into realising it.

All our intelligences now become relevant, useful, on point and powerful.

We can leverage our intelligences to synergise them into a greater outcome.

With the life purpose in place, that greater outcome always has the purpose we set out.

So we end up being happy because we are working on our purpose.

This creates a perpetual upwards spiral of creation and more happiness.

So deciding on what your life's purpose is will help you streamline yourself into a super successful person.

Become Successful

My purpose

So what is my purpose in life?

It is to raise world's consciousness .

Published on: 11 May 2017

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