Characteristics, Values and Mission

These characteristics shape how I live my life.

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Characteristics, Values and Mission

These characteristics shape how I live my life.

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A Short Biography

Jason was an Independent Experience Design Strategist since early 2000s.

He has consulted professionals and coached designers at companies like: Amex, eBay, Bupa, Legal & General, Tesco, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, EON, Samsung, Disney, as well as super successful startups like ROLI and Mind Candy.

His expertise sits in a fold over of business, design, psychology and technology.

Having formally coached User Centered Design at various institutions, his focus now is on a mission to coach people Design Thinking, enabling them to create Designed Companies, which in turn will create a better world for all of us.

Jason is also an active public speaker, design jam participant, startup advisor, maker and a family man.

Jason holds a Degree in Computer Science from Goldsmiths College and Master’s Degree in Business Management from Royal Holloway.

Personal Presentation



Physical fitness leads to mental fitness. It helps me create better and quicker.


I like to be real with people I deal with. I always aim to quickly cut to the essence of matters.


I keep my word. I only promise what I know I can deliver. It is just good business.


Everything I do in life is designed. I also like to associate with well designed products.


I like to know how to practically do variety of things well. I work on improving my skills all the time.


I always do my best, but also strive to be the top person in my fields of expertise.


Healthy approach to life enables me to achieve my potential and maintain optimal creativity.


I am honest, because I like to build long term relationships with people.


As humans we are always striving towards the next breakthrough. I embrace that.


I act small, but think big. I always keep the big picture in my mind while working on the next step.


Through friendly approach I am able to bring the most out of other people.


I look at situations in complete way and take a thorough approach to life.