The ministry of just is

Everyone seems to want to have everything for nothing. There is a way of having it, only if you would listen and apply it to yourself.


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The ministry of just is

The most profound truth of existence is that accepting the state of 'just is' will give you everything you ever wanted.

Being at peace with the moment in the now is the answer to every question you will ever pose.

Do I want to fly to the stars?

I do.

But am I going to do it (physically) now?


Can I do it immediately in my mind, in my 'Be' realm self?


How long will the trip to any star of my choice be?



Because in the 'Be' realm everything just is.

Everything exists in one omnipotent Now unified field of consciousness.

We can all access it from any point.

Time does not exist in any form.

It's an arbitrary measure and a notion.

Even distance is irrelevant.

Certainly in the 'Be' realms none of these things matter.

They are transpositions of the physical existence into the omnipotent omnipresence.

Therefore they make no sense.

They are nonsense.

Literal nonsense.

Limits from the physical, projected into etheric.

Only by inheriting the etheric omnipotence into our physical realm can we Do and Have whatever we want.

Break the chains of limits that you have chained yourself with by observing the physical realm too much.

Go deep inside your own psyche to discover the ultimate truth.

You are omnipotent.

And you are the ultimate Minister of Just Is.

So why not ad-minister the Just Is to yourself right now and have everything you want?

Just be now

Published on: 23 Jun 2017

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