Cosmic choice paralysis

We live in the Universe of infinite possibilities. There is too much choice. How to deal with it?


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Cosmic choice paralysis

Quantum shifting

Have you come across the notion of quantum shifting?

It's the idea that at every instance of existence we are shifting from a state to state.

This leads to the concept of our state determining the circumstances.

It is opposite of how majority of people see the world.

Most people think it is the circumstances that determine our state.

So people spend a lot of time blaming the external world for what is happening in their lives.

The choice is yours

At any point, we have infinite number of possibilities of where to be next.

There are so many choices for us, we end up not knowing what to do for the most part.

This is what I would call 'cosmic choice paralysis'.

Choice paralysis is a well known phenomenon in psychology.

It means that more options we have, the more confused we become.

So, because we have infinite choice, we end up suffering from cosmic choice paralysis.

Unless we know how to deal with it.

Making the right choice

It is us who are in the driving seat of our destiny.

We decide.

We choose.

We are often confused about what choice to make and why to make it.

People often end up being in the most powerful position at the time when they have least choice.

This is why people in dire struggle for life end up being most decisive.

The more we have, the more choice we create and more there is a tendency to end up in the cosmic choice paralysis.

Understanding your choices

Choices we make in life drive the future opportunities we have.

Choices are happening every single moment.

Bumping into a stranger on the train presents a choice.

Do we speak to them in a friendly tone or to dismiss them outright?

Some of the most interesting people I met in my life I met through a shear set of seeming coincidences.

Coincidences don't happen.

We make them happen.

Through our own choices.

Right at this moment, you made a choice to read this article.

Going forward, it will help you make better choices in life.

Owning your choices

The choices we made in the past do not necessarily determine our future.

If someone lost an arm in the war, this does not mean their life is over.

Quite the opposite, it could be the biggest opportunity in their life.

Certain things that happen to us in life have a huge impact on our future.

But they don't determine it.

We made the decisions all the time.

At every moment.

By owning the choices we made in the past we can develop confidence of choosing in the present moment.

By making conscious choices all the time, we can shape our future into anything we want.

The present moment is in the past already.

Visualising your future will design your past in the very instant.

Quantum physics has proven this already through experiments.

So, everything you do is the outcome of your own choices.

Don't end up in cosmic choice paralysis.

Own your own past, present and future and enjoy the ride!

Published on: 19 May 2017

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