Are you a consumer or a creator?

Creators make an impact on the world and get rewarded for their creations. The key to progress is to become a creator as soon as possible.


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Are you a consumer or a creator?

This is a core aspect for progressive people to understand.

Makers or creators get rewarded for their creations in the modern day systems.

We live in a consumer society though.

Majority of the system gears around requiring us to consume.

And to consume more and more.

These days, it's content that requires endless consumption.

Blogs, podcasts, videos, articles (even this article you are reading now) all need you.

To consume them.

To take them into your mind and psyche.

You will almost never get rewarded for consumption.

Sometimes you might get some minor reward for consuming things.

They usually lead to another consumption stage.

Such as getting rewards in coffee shops for ... consuming more coffee.

The real rewards in life come for creations you make and share with others.

In this case, the article I'm writing here has the potential to get me rewarded.

If there is any value in it for you, that is a reward for me, as I'm making the world a better place.

Even if I'm doing so in a minor way.

The more impactful creations I make, the more impact I'm likely to make in the world.

Making makes an impact.

This obvious fact seems to be not so obvious to many people.

And so we are stuck in the world where vast majority of people are consumers of copious stuff.

Stuff which they most of the time don't need and don't get much benefit out of.

If there is one thing I could recommend to anyone in this world it is the following.

Stop consuming and start making (i.e. creating) as soon as possible.

Those who develop a habit of creating on a regular basis start becoming more and more impactful.

Impactful to the point where their impact starts having a multiplication effect.

One creation multiplies the impact of another and so on.

Before you even know, you realise that making an impact on the world is easier than you thought.

But it requires continuous creation and creativity to make it happen.

Creativity drives making which drives impact which drives change which drives progress.

That's the formula for getting you out of any rut you might find yourself in.

So start thinking about what it is that you can make right now.

Take care of that creation, perfect it and continue to improve it.

Put majority of your effort in life into making things and being creative.

The end result of it all will be success, progress and realisation of your own dreams.

Once you become a habitual maker, you are definitely on the right road in life.

Please share your creations with me.

I want to know about them.

I want to support your creative activity and co-create with you.

The best time to do that is now.

I can't wait to see what you will share with me.

Published on: 25 Dec 2019

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