Doomsday is a psychological event

Armageddon, judgement day or doomsday, in this psychological theory, is simply an event that takes place in all of our minds.


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Doomsday is a psychological event

Here's a psychological theory worth considering.

The doomsday, talked about in most good religious books, is a psychological event.

It's an event that affects an entire society.

The whole of humanity.

A time in which people have lost their minds.

When depression is a standard occurrence in most people's lives.

A life where taking pills for 'staying normal' is ... normal.

A society in which destroying one's own environment is a standard modus operandi.

World in which being fake is 'the best practice' of how to get seen.

A social environment in which speaking the truth is the most radical action anyone can take.

A system which makes everyone living within in it feel dumb and helpless.

A world in which complaining is the best thing anyone can do to try and change things.

A place where everyone is wondering what's going on and why are things that way.

A world in which nobody is happy and does not know the reasons why it is so.

An arrangement of life where it is about wasting time on re-watching the same narrative.

The only difference being that in each narrative characters are different.


The same.

Doomsday is a lifestyle in which destroying one's own body is a standard way to live life.

Drinking, smoking, overeating and being inactive is the only soothing thing to do.

Addiction is a normal and unavoidable way of life.

Ageing is inevitable and 30+ is already deemed as entering older age.

A life in which physical health is available to us only until a certain age and slow onset of death is inevitable.

A society in which only a few people become celebrated artists and all of them are ... nuts.

World in which art galleries depict mostly death, suffering, oppression and slavery.

A society which is about extremes of consumption, showing off and extreme behaviours.

A culture in which only certain things get accepted.

Majority of 'different' stuff gets shamed and laughed at.

A narrative where there is only a small set of things that are right and most other things are wrong.

A stagnant environment which is going through slow and inevitable process of entropy.

One can make an argument that we are living through a doomsday right now.

Unless your life feels like a decent experience, chances are you are suffering.

And you are suffering the environment you are living inside of.

First component of that environment being the configuration of your own mind.

A set of beliefs and patterns which are causing you to feel misconfigured inside.

To feel incomplete.

To feel the fear of missing something at all times.

To be gaslit into the fear of missing out much of your day.

The infamous FOMO.

To make you want to consume more.

Consume those things which you believe might complete your inner space.

The doomsday is a mental state.

It is most likely happening to humanity right now.

The way to avoid it and transcend it is through a mental upgrade and psycho-social cleanup.

It starts with each individual person on the planet.

Doing the inner work to clear up their own psyches and inner space.

From that clear space we can create and establish a world which is opposite to this.

To create that blissful and peaceful world, one can start by doing Fresh Mind programme.

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Published on: 06 Dec 2019

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