Aspiration is stronger than desperation

Experience of life is the biggest blessing and biggest gift we will ever have. Make the most of it now. Aspire for more.


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Aspiration is stronger than desperation

One thing I've learnt in life is that our aspirations are stronger than our desperations.

Aspiration pulls us forward.

Into the future.

Towards a more fulfilling life.

To what we want.

To where we want to be.

We aspire to be more, greater and feel blissful.

All our aspirations come at a 'cost' of losing our desperations.

Desperations pull us backwards.

Aspirations propel us forwards.

Once you realise that aspirations are the key to living a fulfilling life, you start aspiring.

More and more.

Greater and grander ideas.

More inclusive and more transcending.

An upwards integration that includes more people and more of the world.

A process of Redesigning Humanity that is the most fulfilling thing of all.

This is what living a life of meaning and purpose is all about.

Having clarity to think up things that everyone else wants, but doesn't dare to speak about.

Those deep desires that most of us have had knocked out of us through social programming.

Yes, those desires that turn our lives into a living dream.

Nothing more to chase, but all to make manifest moment to moment.

In the now.

Present time, that brings us presents.

Presence that delivers presents.

The sooner we are able to focus our entire psychological energy into aspirations, the sooner we make them real.

Reality is the only thing that is true.

Everything else is fake, mirage and, ultimately, delusion.

This the life of a fully self-realised human.

A human who has direct connection with the ultimate essence of everything that is.

At that point, everything collapses into one grand magical life experience that is unlike anything else.

This way of living is magnificent and fulfilling.

This way of living is available to us all, right now.

First step?

Clearing everything that is in the way of us realising this magnificence.

Best time to start?


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Published on: 26 Nov 2019

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