My life is a living dream

My life is a living dream. There is no need for dreams at night. So I don't dream, at night.


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My life is a living dream

I don't dream.

This might sound radical to you, but it is true for me.

Instead, I wake up into my own dream every day.

Sleeping for me is a resting process.

A trip back into no-thingness.

If I do dream, it is a reflection of a misconfiguration in my mind.

Thoughts and mental processes that are not 'compiling'.

A dream only happens because of that misconfiguration.

A dream is, in that sense, a product of mental confusion.

Mental misalignment.

Disassociation with reality.

A wondering into an alternative configuration of the universe.

A space where my ego thinks life might be better.

A space where it (ego) wants to be, but I Am not.

People who are practicing the art of lucid dreaming are in deep thought.

That thought is a normal way of thinking.

Conscious exploration of the universe of possibilities.

All while being aware of your own existence.

You exist.

It's not big news.

But you want to deny your own existence to yourself through 'dreaming' all day long.

Meanwhile, the real dream is happening right here and right now.

In the present moment, in real, practical, conscious reality and you are manifesting it all.

One way or another.

Your ego wants to deny that too.

The ego wants to 'excuse itself' and explore another realm.

Another place where you are not yet.

Ego wants to be someone that you are not.

Ego wants to be without the process of becoming.

Ego wants to be there, but not travel there.

Ego wants the goal without the 'work' towards the goal.

Ego wants to stay deluded until you die.

And the sooner ego dies, the sooner you realise that this is it.

I die every night and I wake up into my own dream.

Right here, right now.

I accept that I'm manifesting it all.

Good and evil.

Right and wrong.

Simple and complex.

Positive and negative.

Dream and fantasy.

Reality and illusion.

Truth and lie.

Up and down.

Left and right.

Past and future.

Life and death.

This might sound fantastic.

This might sound like a fantasy.

To tell you the truth, it's a fantastic fantasy.

And it is all happening right here and right now.

It's called awakened state of total consciousness of the real and ultimate dream.



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Published on: 22 Aug 2019

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