10 simple techniques to avoid depression

Many people suffer from depression and are wondering why they don't feel happy in life. Here are simple ways in which to ensure that you always feel happy.


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10 simple techniques to avoid depression


The simplest thing in life we can do is to breathe.

It's the most essential activity in life to keep alive.

It's the activity which most people don't know how to do in the right way.

We tend to breathe in a shallow way, not taking proper breaths.

Breathing brings oxygen into the system and gives our brain ability to operate well.

Without enough oxygen, our entire body starts getting starved of the essence of life.

So to breathe well and have results from it, make sure to take deep and slow breaths.

Take them as often as you can.

This activity will give you instant sense of grounded feeling and calm you down.

It will also make you feel less anxious and more relaxed in an instant.

Learn how to breathe in the right way and your life might change from this one thing alone.

Master Your Breathing

Drink Water

Drinking water is the next most important activity in life.

Our bodies are 80%+ made out of water.

It's the essence of life.

Dehydration leads to depression in rapid ways.

We start thinking of the world as a negative place when we get dehydrated.

You might start getting headaches from dehydration too.

Drinking water is the easiest way to keep hydrated.

Make sure to drink at least 2 litres per day, but I recommend closer to 3+ litres per day.

It doesn't matter what kind of water you are drinking.

Any water is better than no water at all.

Aim to drink as good a water as you can get of course.

Re-Hydrate Your Mind


Most of us these days are under slept.

We sleep less than what our bodies need.

Further to this, we sleep in a wrong way.

We sleep when we get desperate for sleep, rather than in a regulated manner.

We also tend to avoid rest, so our bodies end up in a state of constant tiredness.

Depressed is equal to deep-rest.

When we get depressed, our bodies are looking for ways to rest.

All these methods I'm listing here are ways to rest in a proper way.

Sleep enough so you don't feel tired from lack of sleep.

Wake Up Into Your Dream

Be Active

There are many ways of being active.

I'm not talking here about going to the gym or playing 6-aside football.

I'm talking about doing 20 press-ups or stretching on the floor.

I'm talking about making little jumps in the spot while watching a YouTube video.

I'm talking about going for a walk while learning, instead of sitting down.

More active we are, more our bodies are in a state of motion.

Motion creates emotion, as my good friend Tony Robbins would say.

By being active, we induce new positive energy into our system.

Activate Your Supermind

Eat Less

We don't derive energy from food.

We derive it from the universe itself.

We waste energy on digesting food.

So the less we eat, the more energy we have available for other activities.

Chances are, you are eating too much as it stands.

Instead of eating, drink water, as I recommended already.

Most of the time, when we are hungry, we are actually thirsty and dehydrated.

Our brain tends to interpret thirst as hunger, so we eat, instead of drinking.

Unlock Divine Power

Eat Healthy

Majority of the food in shops we get attracted to is not good for us.

Sweets, fatty stuff, high in salt things, too many calories and not enough nutrients.

The more attractive something looks to you, chances are the worse it is for you.

Heavy marketed foods get into such nice packaging because without it we would know they are bad for us.

Stick to eating as much fruits, vegetables and unprocessed food as possible.

It has higher levels of energy and it is easier to digest, so it takes less energy to digest it.

Heal Your Mind

Avoid Chemical Stuff

Things like alcohol and medicine is not good for you.

No matter in how small amounts you might consume them.

Alcohol in specific.

One should never drink alcohol.

It has no purpose to a healthy life whatsoever.

You may think alcohol makes you feel better, but this is only an illusion.

In the medium and longer term it will make you depressed and very unhappy in life.

Avoid it at all costs.

Even tiny doses of it.

Reconnect With Nature


This is nowhere near as hard as you might think.

If you cannot meditate in silence, do a guided meditation.

It will help you focus, relax and think about positive things and aspects of life.

Meditating for 30 min every day is super easy and costs nothing.

Do it in two sets of 15 min.

One time in the morning and one time in the evening.

For extra results, do a guided sleep meditation for feeling positive and energised.

Do this before going to sleep every evening.

Always Meditate


Focus on appreciating any aspect of life you have.

Appreciate that you can breathe.

Appreciate that there is water to drink.

Appreciate the food and eat in a conscious way.

That is, focus on the food and only the food while you eat.

Chew it completely and taste every aspect of it.

Appreciate your friends, family, a random passer by or an animal you see near you.

It's all a magnificent miracle of the universe.

Appreciate Your Mind

Help People

The easiest way to earn something for yourself is to help others.

In fact, you cannot earn anything without helping people first.

So, make this a priority.

It will make you feel happy to help others and resolve their problems.

Don't impose yourself, but be there for people and give away what you have.

Whether it is your time, your skills or you money.

It's all a worth while thing.

Most of all, give away happiness, because more you give it away, more of it you are going to have.

Help Yourself

Published on: 30 Dec 2017

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