The nature of human society

Human society is a fascinating system which we have to interact with most of the time for most of our lives. Here's a model of what it looks like.


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The nature of human society

Exploring Society Through Art

I like to explore universe through different forms of art.

Music, drawings, sketching, storytelling and theatre.

Here's an arty exploration of the nature of human society.

Some artworks have an intension behind it.

Some are abstract and I let the shapes guide me to the meaning.

There is meaning in everything, even in ... abstract artworks.

The meaning exists in the projection.

Projection that we apply to the artwork during development or upon completion of it.

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How I Created This

I have a deep fascination with the idea and theory of fractal universe.

A concept where we can use one shape to generate infinity of possibilities and creation.

If one ever 'runs out of inspiration' fractal universe theory is there to help them create.

We don't need much thinking to do this.

The end result is unknown and there is a fine mystery in that.

The final result will reveal the available meaning.

In this case, I drew a simple square and copied it over and over again.

In different places and in different rotations.

I made sure that there are all sorts of overlaps to create new shapes and areas.

Then I coloured each area in different colour.

There is a bit of a pattern to how I chose to colour each area and I leave it to you to discover that pattern.

I'm happy with the final outcome of this piece, as I never expected anything from it.

The end result is, at worst, a pleasing aesthetic view on a play of shapes.

The entire thing is hand made on an iPad sketch app.

It allowed me to duplicate shapes and hand colour each area with Apple Pencil.

But what does this picture represent?

Here's my projection of meaning onto this abstract piece of modern art.

Be A Creator

Human Society

Human society is a complex, multi layered system.

It is completely connected, yet different silos of subcultures make it what it is.

These different silos exist on their own.

They also connect with other silos in weird and wonderful ways.

There is a multicoloured nature to society.

Following on from the model of Spiral Dynamics, each silo exists at different levels of self-awareness.

Each silo wants to usher its own truth about ultimate reality.

As such, each silo has harsh, dark lines which delineate it from other silos.

Each silo wants to explore other realms of possibility too.

So it overlaps to some exent with other silos.

When silos which have a boring, simple and rigid shape to them overlap, interesting things happen.

We get new shapes generated out of boringness of each silo.

We get interplay of colours and interplay of collaboration which creates wonder and interest.

We get a mosaic that starts to look a lot more like an artwork.

Connections between silos remind us that there is a connection between everything.

Empty spaces represent voids of thinking and purity of the soul.

The clear background shows that everything arises from nothing.

Nothingness is the foundation for everything.

More we embrase nothingness, more we have a clear foundation for building everything.

Both of these exist and must exist together in perfect harmony.

The randomness of a starting act of creating artwork leads to beauty and meaning.

Meaning is inevitable.

It's only a question of whether we will choose to derive and see it.

After all, believing is seeing.

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Published on: 17 Sep 2018

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