The art of perfection

Musings on how you create perfection all the time.


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The art of perfection

Human Artistry

Humans are natural born artists.

Our natural free state of being is one of creativity.

As soon as our basic survival needs get fulfilled, we enter the zone of wondering and creation.

We create with our minds first.

Thinking, contemplating, observing, synthesising and realising.

We need to express our realisations in as many forms as we can.

In the best way our current skills allow those realisations to get expressed.

This is the perfection of living life.

Get creative as soon as you can.

Be creative all the time.

With everything you are doing.

This is the art of perfection.

Be An Artist Now

Our Potential

We are all capable of creating the next big invention that can have a significant impact on humanity.

That invention could be a simple message.

A poem.

An artwork.

A thing we make.

It can also be an entire technological ecosystem that automates mundane work.

In turn giving people more scope for creating art and expressing themselves.

A caveman felt an urge to draw.

Those drawings still live with us in digital form.

Things we create today have a huge potential to reverbarate in future.

Even if they seem insignificant today, at the time of creation.

Like a baby needs time to gestate, an artwork needs time to reverbarate.

It takes energies of many people to consider its message and to pass it on.

Become Your Potential

Evolution Of Perfection

Memes get created in unpredictable ways.

When something huge goes viral, it is in a significant way different from anything before it.

This is why it goes viral.

People want to consume something different.

To discover a new aspect of themselves through consuming creations.

There is a way to reverse engineer art back into unity.

The source from which everything gets created.

The art of perfection is a process by which we understand that the best of our output is perfect.

At all times.

Total self acceptance and non judgement of our being.

From then we go on a conscious evolution towards the next perfect self we can be.


Embrace Perfect Now

Published on: 27 Aug 2018

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