BrightTALK channel owner dashboard

BrightTALK channel owners wanted to have a rich dashboard to help them drive engagement on their channels and get the most out of the platform.


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BrightTALK channel owner dashboard


Channel owners dashboard was the idea of giving BrightTALK Channel Owner customers ability to easily get the most out of BrightTALK platform.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

I introduced the KPI driven approach to guide our decision making processes on this project.

It was about approaching this project in a value-driven way, which BrightTALK have really warmed to by now.

KPI diagram

Early ideas

Since requirements were varied and versatile I wanted to approach this project in a very flexible manner.

Architecturally speaking, rich widgets provided the best blend of flexibility, adaptiveness and potential for a fun, corporate experience.

Here are some early thoughts I had on the dashboard:

Dashboard widget ideas

Dashboard widget ideas

Dashboard widget ideas

Dashboard widget ideas

Early journey plots

The idea of smoothly onboarding channel owners into the dashboard was pivotal to this project.

I wanted to create an experience which is completely intuitive and also has the guiding hand baked into the experience by design.

Here is an early conceptual flow I explored:

Dashboard flow idea Dashboard flow idea Dashboard flow idea

High fidelity wireframes

I then took the early ideas into a much more detailed, high fidelity wireframes that guided the development and testing process going forward.

At the beginning channel owners are welcomed to the new experience.

Dashboard flow wireframe

Focus in the first stage is to help channel owners upload their first piece of content.

Dashboard flow wireframe

Then we guide channel owners to upload more content as their previously uploaded webinar is awaiting go live date.

Dashboard flow wireframe

Eventually the channel owner has access to a rich dashboard of insights and information about how their channel is performing.

Dashboard flow wireframe

Published on: 16 Oct 2015

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