BrightTALK platform UX research

I carried out extensive research at BrightTALK to understand their audience. Results of this research shaped the design process and decisions over long term.


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BrightTALK platform UX research


When I started working with BrightTALK it was a successful medium size business.

It had even bigger aims and objectives.

But their webinar platform was suffering from outdated code base and lack of modern UX.

The scope of my work was very wide and very deep.

The platform wasn't really growing by much, and user (re-)engagement was very low.

The scope of work included:

  • Introducing UX best practices to BrightTALK
  • Researching, understanding and defining BrightTALK's customers
  • Re-designing core aspects of the platform
  • Educating teams of BrightTALK staff about UX best practice approach to system design and development
  • Working with the teams to implement new UX designs
  • Ensuring that new implemented features are optimised in consistent way

Research activities

This was the first time personas were introduced into BrightTALK.

I ensured that persona were defined based on real world data.

I used the following methods to gather that data:

  • Desktop research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Audience interviews (with channel owners)
  • Ongoing user testing (with audience members and presenters)
  • Interviews with front line, customer facing BrightTALK employees with years of experience and insight of dealing with BrightTALK customers and clients
  • Analysis of BrightTALK social media follower profiles
  • Analysis of existing BrightTALK audience profiles
  • BrightTALK Google Analytics data


This is the result of the research activities were the following personas and lifecycles:

Audience Member

Channel Owner

Professional presenter

Over time we decided to expand the Channel Owner personas into more detailed subgroups of users to serve our channel owner dashboard redesign project.

This was based on a much more in-depth insight into this specific group.

Channel Owners

Customer life cycles

Rather than doing specific user journeys, I decided to focus on defining solid customer life cycles that last longer period of time.

This was to focus on longer term value of those people, rather than one-off short term wins.

These life cycles served a very useful purpose of guiding and shaping longer term UX design across the entire platform.

Audience member lifecycle

Channel owner lifecycle

Published on: 14 Oct 2015

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