How to love yourself

To achieve anything meaningful in life, you first need to love yourself. There is the right way to do this and here's how to do it.


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How to love yourself

Loving Yourself

'You need to love yourself first' is a piece of advice often touted around by people.

People will tell you that everything starts with love for oneself.

This is a true statement.

A very true statement in fact.

There is an issue with it though.

Majority of people, I find, do not understand what it means to 'love yourself'.

Where The Confusion Lies

The notion of loving yourself is confusing.

Because most people have misunderstanding of the keyword here.


Most people have no idea who they are.

To define themselves in the first place is the most tricky and complicated matter of all.

So most people end up thinking of themselves as their ego.

The lowercase 'i'.

The observable self that we can see in the mirror.

That mirror image of us isn't us.

It's the mirror image, but we confuse it for who we are.

Remove Confusion Now

How Most People Love Themselves

The confusion of 'self' gets perpetuated in modern society.

In the past we had only one mirror, usually in the bathroom.

So we would see 'ourselves' in the morning and evening while brushing our teeth and doing the hair.

Nowadays, we have many, many 'ego mirrors'.

Social media is full of selfies that 'reflect' who we are to the masses.

We stand behind our 'image', defending it all day long.

We get identified with that physical mirror image all over the place.

This causes us to love our lowercase 'i' for most part of our lives.

It can lead towards all sorts of warped and broken pathologies.

People want to get told that they are 'beautiful' in the physical sense.

They want to show off their physical riches as though those riches are ... them.

They miss the entire idea and the point of truly loving themselves.

How To Love Yourself

The idea of loving oneself is profound, powerful and the right way to go in life.

The way we define ourselves is the key here.

In Integral Thinking we can go as far up as unifying with God consciousness.

This helps us identify ourselves as the supreme beings and encompass everything as ... us.

Once we get to this state of being, we can then start loving ourselves.

This then means that we will love ourselves in the natural way we are.

We will also love everyone else who is part of our lives.

Whether on random occasions or as regular contributors to our life experience.

We can transcend defining ourselves as lower level beings.

Where changes in the minutia of our existence can affect us to a great extent.

Learn To Love Yourself

How To Embrace Unified Self Identification

The fastest way to unified self is through the Fresh Mind programme.

It's fast, painless, holistic and will get you directly to the results without any waste.

The process of redefining yourself is well known.

Most people don't know how it works and how to get there in a structured way.

Today, we live in a society that has enough information to make this happen fast and well.

Without any side effects or unwanted results.

It is time for you to start loving yourself and to do it the right way.

Choose love.

Choose yourself.

Do it now, because now is all you have.

Accept Your Unified Self

Published on: 04 Sep 2017

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