Redesigning our minds

The ultimate design goal in life is for one to redesign their own mind into perfect state. This is becoming more and more possible every day.


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Redesigning our minds

Our Point Of View

Have you ever changed your mind on something you said or did before?

Us humans have a tendency to hold a point of view on things.

That point of view is a product of our social conditioning.

A product of our life’s experience and knowledge so far.

It is also a result of our (self-)awareness about how everything works.

We always have a point of view on everything.

Even those things we don’t quite know what we yet think about them.

That’s still a point of view.

An ‘I don’t know’ point of view.

Change Your Point Of View

State Of Mind

The state of our mind is a collection of all these points of view we have.

Our approach to life tends to be one where we often change our thinking in micro areas of our life.

It is all circumstance dependent.

As new information arrives into our awareness, we synthesise it and our perspective changes.

Either that, or it reinforces into existing thinking.

Our state of mind evolves over time.

If you find this hard to believe, think about how you were thinking ten years ago compared to now.

Improve The State Of Your Mind

Our Mental Blueprint

Design is a blueprint of how something should work before it gets built.

So our mental blueprint is a design of our mind.

It is the way our points of view on the world interlock to create a complete mindset.

This mindset is what then governs our being, doing and having.

Your blueprint is like ‘God’s plan’ for what will happen to you.

Changing your blueprint is the best way of changing your outcomes.

It’s the standard project management process.

The project is you.

The manager is you.

The outcomes get determined by you.

You decide on what will get changed and what will stay the same.

It is your response-ability to handle circumstances around you to the best of your outcomes.

Upgrade Your Mental Blueprint

Redesigning Our Minds

So people change all the time.

The change day by day might be small, but they change.

The smartest people on the planet improve themselves by a lot all the time.

Smartest people work on radical state shift every single day.


Because this is where the true rewards of living the most fulfilling life are.

It is our duty to get as close to God as possible before we die.

But who is God?

What is God?

If you take God as being you, then it is about knowing yourself as well as possible.

If you take God to be something outside of you, then it is knowing that as well as possible.

Either way, the true ‘dividends’ of life pay off when we work on improving our minds as much as possible all the time.

And that means change.

A radical change.

All the time.

Redesign Your Mind Now

Exponential Evolutionary State Shifting

And to push this concept even further, there is a bit more to take on.

Those who are looking to achieve superhuman results in this process have a specific approach.

That approach involves systematic, intentional redesign of the mind across the entire spectrum of existence.

We take all human intelligences and work on evolving them all.

All the time.





This approach gives us a multiplier effect across our mental blueprint.

It gives us ability to develop at an exponential rate.

We psycho-activate regions of our psyche that are dormant.

By doing this, we activate the superhuman potential that we all posses, but many of us don’t believe we do posses.

As we activate it, it gives us further ability to improve upwards, faster, better and more precisely.

Many people around us cannot keep up with this change.

And that is OK, because we all live our own choice of lifestyles.

Some get satisfied with simple materialistic experiential kicks day by day.

We want the ultimate experience.

And we found the way to have it.

All the time!

State Shift Your Life

Published on: 05 Aug 2017

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