Everything is possible?

I've heard so many people tell me this 'top level truth' that I had to expand on it to make more sense of what is otherwise a nonsense statement.


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Everything is possible?


Here's something that's banded around a lot these days as a statement of 'truth' by many advisors.

'Everything is possible' they say.

This statement seems to have the role of giving us hope that anything we imagine can happen.

It is a motivational statement that may give some people energy to keep going and work on bigger things.

Needless to say, the statement of 'everything is possible' is only part true, like many things we say.

Possibilities In The Be Realm

To develop integral understanding 'everything is possible' we must get more nuanced.

In the realm of Being, everything Is possible.

Everything Is.

In fact, when we say 'everything', in the Be realm it is so huge and big that we can hardly even comprehend it.

Everything is the absolute infinity.

Infinity of all infinities.

An infinity in which you, the reader of this article, can exist as a butterfly and still read it.

An infinity in which you, the read of this article, can be of the opposite sex you are right now.

Right now, you exist in an infinity of parallel universes.

They are almost indistinguishably different from each other until they become total opposites.

To say here 'everything is possible' is the total truth and is almost completely meaningless.


Because you being an Earth worm right now would likely not be your preferred idea of optimal existence.

A smaller subset of possibilities is what you are likely interested in at any time even in the realm of Being.

Make Everything Possible

Possibilities In The Do and Have Realms

This is where things start getting interesting.

As our universe 'unfolds' into greater and greater levels of complexity it develops rules.

These rules of existence operate at many different realms of complexity.

Mathematical rules seem to exist as 'given' to us.

If you don't believe me on this, try invoicing a client for a wrong sum of money and see if they pay it.

They will check the calculation is all right.

Also, if you think you have more than two arms, please recount once again.

Physics rules build up further from maths, giving up gravity and so on.

Jump up and see if you can hover in the air for a while.

No, you will come back down to Earth pretty quickly.

This is the physical reality.

Your chemistry is 'baked into you' deep down.

This is why alcohol will alter the way you feel about yourself.

This is why pain killers will kill pain.

Biology wise, your organs work according to a fine set of rules from the cellular architecture upwards.

They are in a fine synchronicity in the organism that you are.

Try removing your tongue and see if you can speak.

It won't work.

So it is impossible to speak without a tongue.

Psychologically the 'game' starts getting real interesting.

Human psychology is a collection of maps, meanings and symbols of how universe works.

How it works at different realms of existence.

To say that 'everything is possible' at the Do and Have realms is stupid.

And people conflate this all the time.

They conflate the Be realm with the Do and Have realms, ignoring the gestation period.

Unify All Your Meanings And Maps

True Usefulness Of 'Everything Is Possible'

A well balanced human person has congruence between their Be and Do-Have existence.

They know that they are a spiritual Being existing in a physical body.

They want to experience the alignment with the ultimate Being realm and reflect as much in the physical realm.

They also want to synthesise the observable reality with their Being state in a meaningful way.

This is very possible to achieve.

In fact, it's not even hard to do.

Most people miss this understanding and get lost in the blanket statement of 'everything is possible' which is meaningless.

The true value these days hides in the nuanced, detailed understanding of existence.

More detail the better.

It requires us to be able to handle great levels of complexity.

To handle that complexity, start from the Being, but remember that Doing and Having also exists.

If you ignore any of them you will end up in great disappointment.

Remove Disappointment In Your Life

How To Make Everything Possible

Once a human develops a great level of congruence between Be, Do and Have they will do the following.

They will only imagine what makes sense to them.

Their imagination will integrate all the laws of the universe from Being, as well as Doing and Having realms.

They will Do and Have what they imagine to Be possible in their reality.

Their reality is the parallel universe that they choose to exist in at any time.

The 'marriage of meaning' from the Be to Do and Have realms is what will make you happy.

Of course, remember that the bigger your imagination is, the more pain you will need to bare to see it manifest.

It gets manifested by Doing those things that will produce the Having.

The choice, as usual, is always yours on what you will Do and Have.

Make Everything Possible For You

Published on: 18 Aug 2017

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