The importance of our life experience

Think about your life as the ultimate experience, given to you as a blessing from God. You make it what it is.


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The importance of our life experience

What Is Experience?

Experience is the ultimate product.

For any company or any person.

Reason why people buy anything or want to have anything is because of experiences.

The interactive emotional process of discovering new things and creating new memories.

'Life, is an experience.'

It's what a very smart, atheist University professor said at a debate about whether God exists.

Realise The Power Of Experience

Our Lives

The biggest blessing we have on this planet is our life.

Whether you believe in God or not, the nature of human life is miraculous.

The fact that we breathe makes us so special.

The fact that we are aware (at least to some extent) of what is going on is even more special.

We are very special in other words and our lives are precious.

They are very short too.

Live A Perfect Life

Our Life Experience

One of the unique aspects of human beings is that they can design their own lives.

We can choose to do almost anything in this world.

Such a variety of choices are in front of us.

This can lead us to Cosmic Choice Paralysis.

At the same time it is one of the most exciting aspect of our life experience.

Infinite possibilities of what to do with and in our lives.

With each choice we make, we are designing our life experience.

We are creating our future, which, in turn, determines our past.

This is now even a 'proven fact' by scientists.

Realise Your True Life Experience Now

Destroying Our Lives

Many of us humans end up choosing to destroy our lives.

We pick up ideas, concepts, beliefs and habits from many 'bad designers' all around us.

Some of the core ones that influenced us were our parents.

Parents who did not see life as an experience.

Perhaps they saw life as a 'journey of suffering' and a 'destination death'.

In other words, we are going to die, so it doesn't matter what we do on this planet anyway.

Most parents rarely thought about leaving a legacy behind them.

Instead they wanted to 'prove their point' or 'complete themselves' with their children.

Or, even worse, had children because 'that's what you are supposed to do' in life.

It is then no surprise that so many people do not see life as an experience.

They do not know this basic aspect of what it all is.

So they continue the terrible patterns of the times past.

The destruction of experience and continuous complaining about everything they observe.

It makes them feel 'right' that they are also 'in the know' of how it all works.

It is the ultimate negative self-fulfilling prophecy that is tricky to break out of.

Step Destroying Your Life

Breaking Out Of Bad Life Habits

To start breaking out of this terrible state we tend to live inside of, we can do one simple thing.

Real-eyes that life is an experience.

A precious, great experience only we have the unique ability to have.

Right now.

There's nothing to wait for.

You can have an amazing life, right from this moment onwards.

It requires a bit of a switch of the mindset towards knowing that it is us that determine this.

Our state determines the circumstances, not circumstances determining our state.

Stop All Your Bad Habits Now

Remembering That Life Is An Experience

We are designers of our own lives and life experience.

It is important to remember this at all times.

As designers of our own lives, we can own the fact that we determine out life quality.

The better a designer we are, the better our life experience.

Consider all aspects of human existence is important.

Not thinking that life is about emotions and logistics only.

We need to consider the full spectrum of human intelligence.

This includes: social, musical, existential, creative, financial, spiritual, emotional, romantic, linguistic, spacial, physical, academic, introspective, logical, visual and maybe more.

Although this may sound like a complex, too big a view on life, it actually is simpler.

Once we work with a more complete picture of our lives, we can become better experience designers.

So, understand the nature of your life and design your life experience.


Design Your Perfect Life Experience Now

Published on: 16 Jul 2017

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