Layers of indoctrination

There are many ways in which we get influenced to behave the way it is not most natural to our true self.


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Layers of indoctrination

How many layers of indoctrination do you think you have picked up in your life?

The way your parents raised you up.

The way you got schooled.

The way you developed beliefs about God or no God.

The way you learnt to pray to that God or worship that God.

The way you learnt to work.

The way you learnt to exercise.

The way you learnt to play an instrument or even practice an instrument.

The way you learnt to play in general.

The way you learnt (or perhaps didn’t learn) to relax.

The way you learnt to think or were told not to think.

The way you were told to speak.

The way you were fed or learnt to eat.

The way you breathe.

The way you think people expect you to behave.

The way you think.

Habits you developed in life.

The way you think about good and bad.

The way you think of yourself and who you are.

The way in which you learn (to learn).

How (much) you listen.

The way you talk (to yourself).

The way you observe.

The way you understand what is important and what isn't.

All these ‘ways’ were the ‘layers of your indoctrination’ which define who you are.

Changing them is one of the hardest tasks in life.

It is also one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable things we can do.

Published on: 13 Jul 2017

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