How to do the impossible?

Ever started a job on a major, multi-year project, which seems impossible to achieve no matter what?


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How to do the impossible?

A million step achievement seems like a huge, impossible task to achieve.

Throughout my life I've found that breaking it down into million single steps is the key to success.

Once I do that, I decide (key word here) to work on completing those steps.




The process gets stronger and stronger over time.

As I know better and better what I'm doing, the faster I move towards the completion of that goal.


It is important for me to 'habitualise' the work on something.

I do this with 3-4 mega projects in my life at any point.

I habitualise creation process.

I practice and play piano little bit.

I write stories a little bit.

I do a little bit of exercise.

I make stuff.

I think things through.

I take photos of things.

Bit by bit, before I know, I look back and I have 3-4 major projects 'in the bag'.

People end up wondering how I did it and even I get amazed on what impact this approach has.

This notion of 'self-habitualision' for success has become the back bone of my own personal self-development.

Self discover, then self develop

Before I can self-develop I must be well in tune with myself.

Who am I?

What do I really want to do?

Once these 2 things are in congruence, nothing can stop me from achieving major goals in my life.

In fact, if anything, I start running out of things to do and achieve.

This has always been the way I work, but in more recent years I have looked at this through a 'design lens'.

I started instituting it as a conscious process and documenting it as an approach to life.

It, also, works better and better every day.

It's one of the things in life which excites me the most.

The system for achieving my personal and my company's missions is the backbone to making it all possible.

It's beyond exciting!

Published on: 06 May 2017

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