My Personal Key Performance Indicators

Since as individuals we are like single-person businesses, I decided to outline KPIs for my own life in an explicit way.


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My Personal Key Performance Indicators

I decided to map out my personal KPIs based on the realms of intelligence humans have.

I prioritised intelligences based on what I thought was most important to me.


We have to first be what we want to be.

We have to project, visualise and accept what we are.

Being is the first step in success.

The following intelligences help me be successful.


I've noticed about myself that if I feel right, I can do many things.

It is not that feeling is the result of success.

It's that success is the result of a feeling.

So being happy no matter what is a prerequisite for success.

This is why emotional intelligence is at the top of my list of intelligences.


Appreciating the higher realm of existence drives the greater mission in my life.

Our physical existence is only a tiny slither of the total being in the Universe.

If I appreciate what I am and have already it will give me zest to achieve more.

It also drives the emotional state, strengthening the way I am.


Following the 'Be' state, we can start doing things that serve us.

The next two intelligences are about doing things that create success.

This is now all starting to get physical.


I have noticed that when I'm in a solid physical shape I have more drive to do more things.

I get tired less and have more energy to create.

The tasks which we see as boring become easy and quick to do.

Physical strength drives better health too.

Regular exercise, no matter how little and easy, is crucial to success.


Once I'm in a solid emotional, spiritual and physical state, I can be creative by default.

And not any old creative, but I can have the solid, meaningful, productive creativity.

I can focus on my mission, goals, objectives and purpose.

It works and I have a solid foundation to continue this way.


Now we move into the notion of 'having' things we want.

The Be-Do-Have paradigm is a powerful framework for creation.

Social and Financial intelligences to me are about having.

Having friends, connections, strong network and money as a result of a good approach.


Once I'm in a solid, flowing, creative mode, I can engage with others in meaningful ways.

Creating regular social connections and helping others starts to happen at this stage.

I can work out ways to collaborate with others in ways that helps us all.

Synergistic approach.

A win-win solution for everyone.


Financial success is a natural outcome of congruence and alignment in everything above.

It happens through regular approach to stacking the money conversion flow.

Money is the ultimate outcome of a structured approach to oneself.

I build a solid foundation to leverage the entire spectrum of my existence.

Money flows naturally by me approaching my life in this way.

Published on: 23 Apr 2017

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