My characteristic: Smart

Definition of smart: having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.


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My characteristic: Smart

The world of today

Today you will likely hear about smart things all the time.

Smart car, smart fridge, smart electricity meters, smart thermometer, etc.

How about we start hearing about 'smart people'?

Importance of being smart

It has never been more important to be smart than today.

Intelligence is the core aspect which differentiates humans from the rest of the animals.

It has been long due for us to use our smarts to help design a better world.

We are heading into the world where designers like me are designing Artificial Intelligence.

Be smart to design smart

For that to be possible designers need to be smart in the first place.

Smart is about being able to do more with less.

It's about preserving the environment, including oneself.

It's about taking a longer term view on life and the notion of existence.

It's about not doing dumb stuff as much as possible.

It's about knowing what's right and what is wrong.

It's about being able to see the real value from fake things.

You are never smart enough

Evolution is an ongoing process.

Within the realm of technologically enabled world, it works at even faster speed.

Connected society within which we live today means we have access to all the world's knowledge at once all the time.

What should we do with that knowledge?

It takes smart approach to life to work it out.

Knowing what one doesn't know is also an important aspect of being smart.

Learning in itself is a crucial skill to have.

There are slower and faster ways to learn and smart people look to optimise their learning all the time.

Learning as a lifestyle

I don't think I've ever stopped learning.

In many respects I'm addicted to learning new things all the time.

I'm interested in all realms of life because I see everything as relevant at some point.

So rather than seeing learning as a 'chore', I choose to look at it as a lifestyle and something I enjoy doing all the time.

Each project I work on requires me to research new aspects of industries, businesses and society.

This is why people who use their brains for living are known as 'knowledge workers'.

Being smart is a core competency in today's world.

Since that's so, I embrace the smart characteristic as one of the core aspects of who I am.

Published on: 27 Mar 2016

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