Ignite the spark

Ignite the spark

This crazy wonderful artwork got me thinking about how art can inspire thinking and wondering about life, Universe and everything.

A lion is such a powerful animal, but what children of Dwight School London have done here to the image of a lion is a very powerful impression to me.

The concept of 'Igniting the spark' also resonates with me quite a bit.

We all have huge potential.

We are all a lion, just some of us loose sight of it sometimes.

The spark that we need igniting is a starting point of a huge explosion of creativity that follows thereafter.

This explosive creativity is similar to when the lion decides to strike after a long period of resting and being still.

It happens suddenly and often without a warning.

It can take another person, or an event to ignite that spark.

Whatever it takes, make sure your spark is ignited and don't let anyone else put it out.

Protect your light flame at all costs because that is all you ever have.

If anything.

You are the light.

Ignite your own spark.

Then take it feom there into infinity.