We all want to be normal

In the world of weird, strange, evil and manipulative developments, we all strive to be ... normal again. First, we need to redefine the meaning of normality.


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We all want to be normal

What Does Normal Mean?

The word 'normal' has become a more and more of a negative word over the years.

Standard definition of normal is: 'the usual, typical, or expected state or condition'.

Few decades ago it was normal for people to work in 9-5 jobs, have a home, salary, marriage, couple of children, etc.

It was normal because it provided many people with a pretty solid lifestyle.

A car, 2-3 holidays to go to during the year, a relative freedom in life and a fulfilling life experience.

The middle class life of 40 years ago was normal, because it was a ... good life.

Many people were happy to conform to its standards.

All because those standards of living were pretty enjoyable.

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How The World Changed

Since the advent of Internet, the world started changing in the most profound ways.

Internet became a gigantic magnifying lens onto the world and the state of humanity.

With it, we could be in constant touch with someone across the globe.

We even started wondering (again) whether the globe is a globe or whether Earth's shape is more like a ... dinner plate.

One of the most important aspects of this profound mental change is that we became more aware of the world.

We realised that we all suffer.

It was harder and harder to turn a blind eye to the wars in far away lands and think that they were 'nothing to do with us'.

We started joining the dots of how our 'normal' lives were contributing to global suffering.

We started waking up to the fact that there is more to life than enjoying the pre-fabricated form of existence.

We started to realise that we were suffering too and not living our lives to our full potential.

This is format of life which the increasingly more broken social system always served to us as ... normal.

The way to live.

The way to 'be successful'.

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Our Global Awakening

As we expanded our social reach, we started to see more and more of the standard human bahaviour patterns.

People would share certain positive stories on their social channels.

Meanwhile, they would live quite the opposite life in real world.

Much discrepancy would arise in our understanding of what people are like.

We became aware that the 'normal' living was subject to increasing stress of regular life.

Higher costs of living, more work, less satisfaction, more anxiety, unrealistic expectations, etc.

Yet, we wanted more from life.

We developed the fear of missing out. FOMO.

We became aware of the essential nature of life experience and living to our full potential.

We gained access to so much, yet we were limiting ourselves more all the time.

All to conform to the broken norms and standards of the times past.

Those beautiful, happy times that were no longer beautiful and happy.

Times that, in fact, created lots of happiness for us, but lots of suffering around the world.

We wanted to Be, Do and Have more.

We started thinking about normalising the situation for wider community.

Not just us.

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Towards The New Normal

So what does the term normal mean today?

It means Being who we Are all the time.

Embracing our real, true and honest selves.

It means living a life of pure purpose, peace, joy, happiness, prosperity and progress.

As Alan Watts states, we are all uniquely the same, like trees in the forest.

Each one is the same.

A tree.

Yet each one has different configuration of leaves, branches and fruits they bare.

Carl Jung told us that each person is striving towards individuation.

New normal is exactly that.

An individuated person.

A person that understands the orders of precedence.

Planet before purpose before people before products before profits.

Living their pure life purpose in a full, awakened, clean and passionate way.

All the time.

Carl Jung, like many other psychologists of the times past, were stuck in the broken system.

They 'narrated' the human condition as it was.

Rather than worked on designing the future of humanity.

Our role today is to help humanity evolve into that new psychology of normality.

A fixed, regulated, functional, well configured, healthy and holistic psychology.

Normal, in other words.

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Possible Perfect Path

Living a perfect life is possible.

It's more than possible.

It's, in fact, what we are all striving towards.

This is completely ... normal under the new definition of normal.

It's the whole point of living life.

Denying and avoiding it is to apply a giant limiting belief to the nature of our existence.

More we let go of our psycho-social baggage more it will happen.

Perfection is the only thing that can happen when we do everything the right way.

And we can do that.

We can.

We must first become the new normal.

Individuated, awakened, purposeful, congruent, clean soul with pure love in ourselves.

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Published on: 10 Sep 2017

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