Zen Ride To Box Hill

Box Hill is the favourite cycling hill which many people from around the world come to visit for cycling experience.


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Zen Ride To Box Hill

Why I Like Cycling

Cycling is my ultimate meditative activity.

It helps me clear my mind as well as think through many things that need a bit more time to think through.

In the process, one sees so many nice views.

Ride To Box Hill

This ride to Box Hill was truly idyllic.

Weather was perfect for cycling and we rode at the most perfect moment of the day.

There is something magic about Box Hill.

It is cyclists' favourite hill of all.

It's steady, light incline creates a unique mental state in the rider.

It is like one is on a slow ascent to the ultimate life's realisation.

On the way to the top of Box Hill the views are incredible.

The view from the very top is like having an overstanding of the entire world.

On The Way To The Top

There is a certain psychology to cycling that only cyclists understand.

True cycling happens when we are cycling up the hill.

It's hard and testing.

It puts the mind into the questioning mode for why anyone would do this.

It is a great exercise for the legs and rest of the body too.

In these moments one has a perfect opportunity to hear their shadow voice try to talk them out of doing this.

It's a great chance to train how to tell that voice to shut up.

'Shut up legs' is a favourite cyclist's statement.

You cycle on, no matter what.

It's the only way to get to the top.

Being On Top

Once we get to the top of the hill the feeling is truly magical.

The enjoyment of the view and the relaxation from the pressures of riding up hill.

It all comes together in one magical moment.

It is a perfect photo opportunity and a chance to relax and rest a bit.

Having a snack or water at this point is the most rewarding of feelings.

Jason Grant on top of Box Hill

Descent Down Hill

One more thing we look forward to is a fast descent down the other side of the same hill.

It's the ultimate pleasure of road cycling.

Going as fast as possible, down a smooth road while enjoying the beautiful windy feeling.

On a nice day, there is no better feeling than this.

The Ride Continues

Descents are always fast and short, unlike slow and long climbs.

It's yet another reminder of the dualist nature of our physical existence.

Once we hit the flatter ground we continue the ride with longing for those beautiful hilly bits.

Published on: 15 Jul 2017

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