OWLR camera control app

OWLR needed a very solid iOS app framework for building an experience to easily control home cameras.


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OWLR camera control app


iOS app UX design.

Task was to create a solid, standardised and easy to use multi camera connection and control experience.

This app has a major shot at competing with DropCam (now part of Nest) for enabling nice control of cameras other than DropCam cameras.


I followed rock solid iOS design guidelines and gave OWLR team a very structurally sound app UX to start off with.

This in turn helped streamline the development process and bring on board a solid permanent UX and visual design team.

My initial solution was also to try and get the app as close as possible visually to a pixel perfect design, something I don't usually do.

UX approach

With mobile app experiences I like to lay out the full app journey into one gestalt view, so that everyone is familiar with the full scope of the project at all times.

Full journey

Let's take a closer look at each major part of this flow.

Introduce the app


Add a camera

Add camera

Configure a camera

Configure camera

View cameras - core of the experience

This is the core part of the experience and I was keen to make it as fun and intuitive as possible for the users.

View cameras

Settings and about

Add camera

Published on: 16 Oct 2015

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